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Beneficios Del Yogurt Chobani [Trash Paper] 100 questions about Johnny! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Well ... been a while that did not appear with one of these xD
This time it robs Ains, gomen! , _, But was the softy emotions!


1. What is your favorite band Johnny? Arash
for Dream! =)

2. Why?
are special, unique, were the first, i fell in love with me *-*

3. Who is your favorite Johnny?
Sakurai Sho-kun ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

4. & iQuest, Why?
estoi not very safe, but seeing We Can Make it on the part of his rap ... I felt an arrow sooo xD is my ichiban in being smart, loqito, funny, responsible, kakoii, by rapping, to do so serried Warez, i to have those lips that queue i only have xD qe

5. When conocistes for the first time to a Johnny?
When I saw Hana Kimi i saw Ikutita Take-chan, qe aunqe did not know he was a Johnny, but I found more attractive than first-Shun Oguri.

6. Who was he?
Ya ... Ikuta

7. How did you meet? Displaying

8. In reality, he began to like the world of JE?
Well, actually, with rough not know jack ... by qe debuted the poor man ... but the second I saw was qe dorama Hana Yori Dango, i met there Junjun, qe is my second favorite Arashi ... i there i like Arashi. With the other bands was similar.

9. What brought you accidentally JE? tracing time was because of Shirota Yuu xD, for the youtube vi qe unvideo of the kissing Sano, SCH desperate i where was it, i hop there Hana Kimi ... i when qice buy Hana Kimi, the local owner recommended me HanaDan ULTRARECONTRA.

10. "Tietions JE favorite song? is difficult, I have one for each band, but no more qe qe me like all these together ...

11. You hear most of them? Obviously

12. If not, what is your favorite band or artist?
is worth mentioning that apart from Johnny, I love Mika Nakajima ♥

13. What band / singer you heard before JE? Mmm ... my computer was a jukebox before, had all ... qe but my favorite band was Guns and Roses, i still love me.

14. Who is your favoritein KAT-TUN? Nakamaru Yuichi-kun! estoi deadly i madly in love with him!

15. Why? For as is the ... I love hip-hop i the beathbox, ia the comes out great! But it is serious, but very loqito, intelligent, sensible, sooo funny, it's only \u0026lt;3

16. Do you have a favorite song of KAT-TUN? Yes, LIPS, i Never Again

17. Do you have a favorite live of Kat-tun? (Single count too) well, my favorite concert is Kaizokuban KT, but my favorite is live Nakamaru SMACK of the Queen of Pirates

18. "Has an appearance ó No favorite subject of KAT-TUN? SMACK in the SC, Yucci white pants are great! = D

19. Who do you think can sing the best of KAT-TUN? Well, i Nakamaru Jin. Jin aunqe I sympathize a lot, there qe haceptar certain truths.

20. Who do you think can dance the most of KAT-TUN? Koki love breakdancing, i Junnito kami-sama is dancing!

21. Who is the afeminadillo KAT-TUN? mmm ... externally, Ueda ... qe aunqe banking is like a man o_o

22. Who is the template of KAT-TUN? CHTMKokiii LXC! the beggar (note: Koki is my second favorite)

23. Who is more KAT-TUN member?
Kame no doubt.

24. Who is the funniest member of KAT-TUN? Tanaka

25. Who is the most fucking sexy in KAT-TUN?
well ... I can admit that Nakamaru is not one of the most beautiful face (I love your body aunqe) prettyboy, Ueda, Junno i

26. Who has the best appearance in KAT-TUN?
Bone ... who is the coolest, say? i. .. Akame the

NEWS: 27. Who is your favorite? Tego-nyan

28. Why?
weeeek was at first sight ... when approaching the camera i said "no no" with the finger ... I stood there in the chair i started to scream THE BLONDE! THE RUBIOOOOO! xD ... but what really made me fall in love with the qe was Tegomassu, Massu i together are the best! (Note: Massu is my second favorite NewS) View ~ Kiss was a trip xD

29. Do you have a favorite song?
If Sayaendou, i

Dreams 30. Do you have a favorite living?
Obviously, Pacific! Nant Ai I freeze the senses! I love Dr AunqeiEAMS in the change qe Yume by NewS, i cry TT Koyashige Never Ending Wonderful Story

31. Do you have a favorite TV appearance?
Yep, the SC Nanatoka Naruse was great! i ABAKEEEE the NewS wo! are to die for!

32. Who do you think is the best singer? Teshie

33. Who do you think is the best dancer?

34. Who is the most afeminadillo?
Well, Teshie strives every day to look like a girl xD, but in terms of personality, Keii-chan!

35. Who isthe most macho?
The Sexy OsakaMen (ya. Ryo .. xD)

36. NEWS Who is most of all?
Member The creator of Ai ... K-chan!

37. Who is the funniest member?
all make me laugh ... Koyama is ezpezial xD but

38. Who is the fucking sexy member?
As body, Pi ... but in face, I like Teshie

39. Who is better looking? Yamap

40. "Favorite PV?
This is the SUMMER TIME! \u0026lt;3

Kanjani: C
HTMLXC 41. "Kanjani Favorite? Shibutani
42. Why?

Not very well, because the first I had liked qe had been Shingo ... but after seeing several things ... Subaru I fall, I qe for being so nice, i seme original, i love his long hair the things you do with it!
xD 43. "Favorite song?

It's My Soul i Sukianen, Oosaka
44. "Life Kanjani Favorite?

The 47 Tour, especially the solo is maaas Maru xD!
xD 45. "Favorite TV appearance?

many, the performance ofKanjani are unique, they care a whole egg xD qe do like to call it! but if I have to choose ... qe It's My Soul
SC 46. Will the best singer?

Baru! qe siii siii!
47. Is the best dancer?

Yassu, i Ryo
48. "The most afeminadillo?

Well, Tadayoshi Ukesko looks, like Yassu, so some of them.
49. "The more macho? I

Ryo Subaru, of course.
50. "The most Kanjani?

Maruyama, i Shingo.
51. Is the funniest member? CHTM
LXC Maru! no doubt! i back of the Subaru
52. "The most fucking sexy? Tadayoshi

53. Better looking?

The Sexy Osakamen.
54. Better PV?

Zukkoke Otokomichi! mental kidding xD qe

ARASHI 55. Who is your favorite in Arashi? Sakusho, Keio boy in da 'house yo!
56. Why?

For all ... everything that makes this perfect for me. His intelligence, his inoscencia (if qe Qeda) your child's personality, ia seme the same time, her body, her face, her raps, all all all of the melike.
57. Do you have a favorite song of Arashi?

Yes, We Can Make it, i back Chou Chou Arigato, i back Tabidacha no Asa, ad Go i Step, One i Love, i Love Situation xD ... but mostly We Can Make It.
58. Do you have a favorite live of Arashi?

The Time is my favorite, aunqe the AAA at the Tokyo Dome in 2006 is giving fight, but ... So yeah, I love it when they Cool and Soul! O Love Situation, if ... or clear, Unti Unti Unti Sho-kun.
59. "Emergence Favorite? The

Utaban! are the best!
60. Better singer? The leader

61. Better Dancer?

The leader again xD
62. "The most afeminadillo?

Aibita! xD inevitable
63. "The more macho?

MI NENE! There is no more seme seme that Shocito Arashi.
64. "The most Arashi?

Well, between June estoi i Nino ... much love the two
Arashi 65. Is the funniest?

Sho-kun said!
xD 66. Is the most handsome? I

well, to each is your ichiban, Sho is veeeeery cute.
67. Does thatlooks better? Matsujun

course. Without it, Arashi no side Qeda
cool xD 68. Better PV?

Aish ... Happiness, but Believe is really cool! Kitto Daijoubu i will love me forever.

69. Who is your favorite Jr. unit? The late Ya-Ya-Yah
70. Who is your favorite older unit?

MAD or Kis-My-ft2, and are quite
71. Other favorite Johnny "Unit?

Ya ... Ikuta Toma is the junior most qerido fuck! o_O, this in a unit or not. That if, Shoon is ...OMFG!
xD 72. "Favorite song?

Bad-Nice-Yamashita Shoon
73. "Favorite program?

"The Shonen Club"
74. "Director favorite?

ah? qerra not mean driver? if so, Sho at News Zero, or Teshie in
Itte Q 75. "Actor (s) favorite?

Jun, Nino, Riida, Ryo, Junno, Kame, Koki, Yuto, Yamada, Nagase, Junichi ...
xD 76. Dorama "favorite comedy actors JE? Hana Kimi i

Yukan Club! both are genialeeees! Hana Kimi aunqe made me laugh more.
77. "Prime dramacomedy with an actor of JE? Hana Kimi

78. JE Dorama "with actors you see?

Yukan Club, Rescue and Ryuusei no Kizuna, is ... tod or so at a time xD, i expect to find Uta qe no Onii-san!
79. What drama will want to see? End

estoi seeing that, i see no Uta Onii-san, Smile (qe beats me is going to be good) Ueda, the sho, i the special Nino! will be very strong!
80. Who made his debut as an actor?

well, not sure if Shoon estoi already made a drama or a movie ... if you do not have to Shoon.
81. Who would prevent actuxDDD ara?

Mmm ... I qe Teshie TIEE to improve, i I think the same of Pi, the papers made much the same. Aunqe to either you act impidiria
D = 82. Think you're addicted JE?

Obviously, Qeda a question?
83. Do you believe in ...?

occupies much of my day doing things for the fan club, hanging out with my friends, fans, or do things on the PC
84. What would you do if you see your favorite Johnny standing in front of your door? Hya

god ... xD, the first ... a faint or die taqicardia then cordially ask for an autograph, if you want to go for a drink, if you canand take a picture with me ... things like that ... xD not together, but if any of those ... try not to scare you xD.
85. What are the advantages that you start to like the JE? Full

an empty space brings me joy, brought me many friends, i keeps me busy with something.
86. What disadvantages are there?

Well, not so good so fanatical about something. Qe deal is not good long time, and qe is obsessive ... whether the disadvantage is the obsession brought qe produced.
87. How many times a day you think about JE?

estoi When concentrated on something else, when I concentrate tmb aunqe remember its xD
88. How many times have the face of your favorite Johnny around you?

is difficult not to have this when there are patches, pins, keychains i stickers everywhere, i-news-leee arashi kat-tun in everything I have xD qe
89. If your favorite Johnny or your group JE has to grant you one wish, what would it be?

Well, taking things as "SHO, marry me!" I would ask that we spend a whole day together doing something fun.
90. Your desire to close the EB, what would it be?

That should come to South America.
91. "If sheas to be born, what or who would you be?

And what we have qe see? xD or otherwise wish I qe me.
92. If you were a Johnny, what would you be?

Mmm ... I never really got to thinking ... Yamapi, it would be friend to all and all qerrian me xD = P
93. If you could ask your favorite Johnny or your favorite JE band a question, what would it be?

the Arashi would ask if they repent of having turned into Johnnys.
94. Ever dreamed of a Johnny? Sip

95. Gumsor so, how and what was it?

Once I dreamed we were doing all qe Arashis a sleepover at home = D, then I dreamed about Jun. .. qe something like we were on a dock, i appeared xD Shun Oguri, Things to Sho = P, I dreamed tmb Nino, with Tegomassu at a restaurant with Nakamaru ... qe i think no one else.
96. Do you have any realizable goal in your life related to JE?

Go to a concert of cualkiera either arashi (qe if this is better), news, kat-tun, naknaji8 ... if a Countdown, better yet!
97. Do you like JE fanfic?

I love! i read them!
98. Ifrespuetsa is yes, what is the best partner?

Matsurai (Jun & Sho), Tegomassu (duh), i Nakanishi! (Nakamaru & Jin)
99. If you were for one day what Johnny-sama exchange of JE?

Nothing ... i aunqe exploited their "stuff pedophile," the boys are as they are by how we do things. Change something imply any change in the bands, i no qiero.
100. What do you think of the cutrelargaysinfinal a survey?


aunqe rather long, ne?
What a way to write!
Well, I gotta see Yukan Clubkisses!

.: Sakusho:.


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